This is it. I can feel it. The time has come!!


Tailored Portraits is ready for 2016 and I can feel it is going to be a fantastic year! We’re going to rock the industry and show everyone i’m here to play hard and win big. Talent will be pulled from the underbelly and emerge with a grand thunder (Ok, so that’s a bit dramatic but you get my point).  It’s time to make beautiful images with you, Capital Region. You are making beautiful babies and I want to photograph them for you. I want you to have that treasure to hold onto forever.

I have spent many long months in 2015 doing the research, touching the products and finding you the quality you deserve. I have found the best fabrics, the strongest frames and the finest ink.  I am very happy to say I have found quality in our own backyard. I am a huge supporter of local businesses and I will take full opportunity to support where I can.

Tailored portraits has partnered with a local framing gallery and we will be working together to create your master piece. I will have samples in studio for you to hold, compare and imagine. If we cannot find what you are looking for here, we can go into the gallery and work with you from there.

Let me design you a piece that will fit your needs and style.

Booking now for the spring. Join the mailing list and never miss a promotion.


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