Preparing For Your Newborn Session

Before your session: I want you to start to thinking about what you would like to do with your final images. Are you looking for an art piece for your wall and if so which wall will you be using? What colors are in that room? If you would rather not hang your work, have you considered displaying all of your images in an album? How about a beautiful Folio Box? This way you can rotate the image you display. Are you also getting any treats for grandma and grandpa? All of these questions are very important for you to start thinking about now, before your session even gets started.

I know this can be a tough decision to make and all of the products can get over whelming. No worries!!! I am here to help. I also ask for ALL parties involved in the purchasing process to work on this together. Deciding as a team can help with making the big decision with a happy outcome for all.

Your portrait session:

  • This should take between 2-3 hours, allowing extra time for breaks when your baby needs to eat or be changed. These sessions are slow-paced for yours and your babies comfort.
  • I aim to provide between 25-30 final images. These images will take time and I need to be gentle and know when the baby is ready and when we need to take a break.  They run the show!!
  • You and the safety of your family are so important to me, therefore it is encouraged that only the people who will be in the portraits accompany you for the session.
  •  As I mentioned, we are in this for the long haul and baby controls the show, so I ask that all parents are prepared for the wait with maybe some books or magazines.
  • If you are bringing older siblings I will try to photograph them with baby first. Waiting for hours and then being expected to smile and sit is a really hard thing to do. Packing their favorite toys or snack, sometimes helps. I have a kindle in the studio that the little ones can play on while they wait. In the past I have had parents come in separate cars.  When the rest of the family was done, mom or dad has left with the older children while the other parent stayed and finished the session with the newborn alone. 


How old is my newborn when you typically want to photograph?

We like to photograph between day 8 and day 12 if possible.  Obviously, depending on our schedule and your schedule we might have to photograph a few days earlier or later.  But, we strive to get your session done during days 6 through 12.

Do I get breaks to feed the baby?               

These sessions last anywhere between 2-3 hours, allowing extra time for breaks when your baby needs to eat or be changed, is a must! These images will take time and I need to be gentle and know when the baby is ready and when we need to take a break. They run the show!!

These sessions are slow-paced with a lot of patience. Yours and your babies comfort and safety is very important to me, therefore it is encouraged that only the people who will be in the portraits accompany you for the session.

What do I need to do before my newborn session?

For our bottle fed babies- Bring extra formula to last our long session.

For our nursed babies- Avoid spicy foods or drinking/eating acidic citrus juices and fruits, because it can upset the baby’s tummy and they will feel uncomfortable and not sleep.

I ask that you interact with your baby to try keep him/her awake 1-2 hours before we start the session. I usually recommend a sponge bath before you leave. This usually keep them awake and ready to eat and nap. It’s also recommended to schedule the baby’s feeding about 1-2 hours before arriving so you can feed him/her again just before the session starts.  However, I too was a nursing mom and I know that this is not always the case. I know that feedings sometimes have a tendency to be clustered in the beginning. I have had moms feed at home just before they came into the session. They have found it to be more comfortable and they were able to get in a long relaxed feeding. If you live close enough to the studio, I find that to be a good choice for some moms.  

A tired baby with a full tummy results in a very sleepy baby and a happy model.

Do I need to bring clothing or props for my session?

The answer is no, you do not need to bring anything to the session.  We have clothing, blankets, bonnets, headbands, etc for your baby. I do ask that you bring your little one in wearing buttoned/zip up pajamas. This will prevent marks on the skin and it makes it easier to transition them into the session.

Parents- The studio will be very warm. Babies are very sensitive and because normally we will be taking them in and out of clothes, it’s best to keep them comfortable. I suggest that parents comes to the session dressed in layers so that you can comfortably remove some clothing if you feel the room is too warm. 

I’m so embarrassed! My baby had an accident on your blanket.  What can I do?

Never ever worry about an accident that your child has during the session.  Before my photography career, I was a childcare provider, a personal nanny for several years and of course being a mom of four myself, I have been peed, pooped and puked on almost daily.  Besides the fact that we are extremely used to it, it’s completely normal for your child.  All of our props, blankets and clothing are washable.  In fact, after each session, everything we use is washed in organic soaps in order to keep a standard of sanitation for all of our clients.  When these accidents happen we laugh, clean up baby and move on.  Please don’t worry about these accidents!

What do I do during the session?

Anything you want!   Feel free to take a nap, read a book, or watch your baby during the session.  With us working as a team, we will always be able to completely take care of your baby and photograph him/her.  I want you to enjoy the session and the experience.  It’s ok……go ahead and give yourself a break.  You deserve it!

What do I expect after the session?

We will get together again for your Portrait Reveal. One to two weeks after your images were captured, we will schedule your viewing and ordering session.  During this time you will be viewing the final edited portraits from your session. We will discuss the images that you would like to use in your art piece and place your final order. For this meeting I do recommend to parents that they find alternative care for the older siblings. As a mom of four myself, I know it can be very hard to make decision when you have your parent meter running. This time is very important for you and family. You are making a big decision and I really want you to relax and enjoy it.  

Baby Plan or Mini Baby Session is almost the same….here’s a few more FAQ’s.

What do I need to do before my baby’s session?

Please make sure that your baby gets a good nap right before his/her session.  We prefer parents to wake baby, feed baby and drive over to our studio. If for any reason you need to wait and feed baby when you arrive that is fine as well.  A well-rested baby makes a very happy and smiling baby for photographs which is what we love.

How long does my Baby’s session last?

Most babies between 4 months and 1 year can only last for 30 to 45 minutes.  Our sessions never go longer than one hour.

Again, I would like to thank you for choosing me as your portrait artist. Please, do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have as you read through the enclosed information                            


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