Miss Rebecca

Rebecca came in today because she was waaay over-due for her images to be hung on the walls. Getting portraits of the children done is a no brainier but to remember that mom deserve’s those special images too, is not as easy to remember. As a photographer, you can only image how many times I have stuck my own children in front of the camera and tried out a new backdrop or prop. The number of  images I have of them is in the thousands. The number of images I have of myself, is so much less and the number in portraits is somewhere around four. Not only does that let time and memories slip away from me, but it will erase that for my children too. To not have anything for them to remember me by will be tragic. Mom’s not only deserve the pampering and beautiful images, but without them how will we ever remember the woman who made everything possible? Who was that woman behind the curtain?


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