Moms. I love when I get the opportunity to photograph moms. I know how much times goes into our children. I know how much of our own wardrobe suffers or how our hair spends too much time wrapped up and please, don’t mind the bags under my eyes, my children have joined a secret cult to never sleep again. I know we wouldn’t trade that for anything!!! Right? But who’s says you can’t feel a little bit fancy every once in a while.

This mom right here. Not only is she a mom of two, but we know her as the mom who seems to collect kids to fill her house with crafts, toys and glitter glue. Her kids have their birthday themes planned six months in advance. She is a mom on a mission.

I was so happy when Jessica decided to take some time out of her busy day to schedule a fun portrait session. When she first came into the studio she was worried that her mommy wardrobe wasn’t ready for a photoshoot, but we pulled out the fabric scarves and made Jess a beautiful gown right there in the studio. It was so much fun! I love that Jessica will have these images to share with her husband and her family. She looks amazing!!

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