I knew the time would come

The memory of my introduction into modeling class, is still pretty fresh in my mind. I was about 16 years old at the time and I believe it was was my mother’s way of boosting my self-esteem. I remember sitting in some office chair while some tall, slender woman sat across from me and talked about my height and my “perfect complexion”. It was shortly after I began classes and started practicing how to walk, stride, slide and look. Still to this day a tune from Lisa Loeb forces me to shift my hips and pull my shoulders back lol! I remember that It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed feeling extra special every once in a while. I knew it would never be a career or that it was certainly not going to be my future. However, for a short time, it was fun while it lasted.

Fast forward to Picture day……

It was requested that all models get there headshot’s done. We were set up with a professional Photographer and he was going to photograph our images. We would hand them out for runway and modeling calls. His studio was in an old factory building in Cohoes, NY. I remember pulling into the parking lot and not really believing there was a business inside this giant brown box. We had to take an on old rusty service elevator up to the top floor. The rest of the building was empty and in serious need of a contractor. The elevator opens up and a few giant steps forward, my jaw hit the floor! Old brick walls, hardwood floors and wide open spaces that stretched out before me. In the corner of the room I could see the white backdrop and several huge umbrellas attached to lights and stands. I remember how amazing it felt to be there. The makeup artist had her own room. She had the vanity table full of all different colors and glops that were soon to slop over my face. I thought I had quoted something about my “perfect skin”……anyway. We had to change our clothes and prepare for our time under the lights. I remember thinking how amazing the whole thing was. I remember looking around that room and how I felt more at ease there then I had felt walking down the runway. It was at that time I knew I wanted to be the photographer, not the model. I wanted to hold the camera. I wanted to enter a place like this every day and know that it was mine.

That being said…

Tailored Portraits has been looking for a new place to call home!

Since the day I knew that photography was my plan in life, I had dreamed about owning my own studio space. I imagined a place to call my own. A corner of this planet that belonged to only me. I wanted to hold that key in my hand and open the lock that stood between me and my space.

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