Clifton Park Holiday Mini Session

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells…….

November rolls in and everyone’s favorite thing to say is…. “Don’t even mention the holiday’s to me yet!  It’s waaaay too early!”    Honestly, let’s think about our winter and holiday “To Do List”.   If it looks anything like mine, we aren’t just talking about gift shopping and wrapping, we also have snow tires to find, winter coats to wash, hats and gloves-check, oh and don’t forget to hang the lights.   Our calendar is FULL this time of year!  The thought of preparing the Holiday cards only makes you want to crawl back in bed and hibernate.

Wouldn’t it be great to have pictures photographed, and cards designed and ready to be delivered, without you even having to do the work?   Let me help you out with that!

From now until November 23rd,  we will be offering our mini sessions.   They are available both be in studio for kids and on location for families.

IN STUDIO- dress the kiddos in their new fancy outfits or break out the jammies and let’s get have a slumber party!

ON LOCATION- I have two Saturdays available for this style session. They can be done in any outfit of your choosing.   We will snuggle in and do our best to stay warm.

Offer will be closed after November 23rd.   This allows me enough time to get your session ready for you in early December.


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