Boston or Bust!


We packed the car, filled the tank and hit the road.  It took us about three hours with one bathroom stop and two DVDs, we were there in no time. One overnight full of watching all the children play and interact. Seeing the kids together was priceless.  I love how they can go months without seeing or hearing from each other and in one reunion they’re off playing and blending like they hung together out last week.  Of course I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to break out the Fuji and snap a few shots. The children might not notice the loss of time between visits but the adults sure do and soon enough they will be off on their own paths and heading into their own directions.  I like to look at them altogether and wonder who will be the doctor/lawyer type? which one will travel on adventures or be the struggling artist. Who will raise a family or live happily ever after.




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