about me

I’m located in Clifton Park New York. I specialize in Newborn and contemporary portraiture. This has been a fulfilling passion for over 15 years. I’m so glad you stopped by! I would love the opportunity to chat with you.
After high school graduation I followed my creativity and ability to communicate through craft, play and patience, into the classroom. There I was a teacher to young children and a leader in their daily growth. I was so happy to go to work every day. The bonds I created with those children and their families has carried with me into the present. I still recall my time with them and the best moments when their little faces made me smile. After a lot of thought and careful consideration, I began my journey as a personal nanny for three amazing children. Here I got to experience the joys and struggles it takes to balance time and duties to care for a brand new baby and two active preschoolers. The bond I developed with this family, will never be forgotten and they hold a special place in my heart forever.
I later went on to have four amazing children of my own. During this time I continued to nanny and provide child care for many other families as well. My hands were never empty, the laundry wasn’t always put away and sometimes dinner was simply pasta and sauce but, I knew one thing for sure, I was exactly where I needed to be.
In 2006 I had to face a very difficult fact when the doctor told me my daughter was on the Autism spectrum. At first I was saddened by this news. However, I did what I always do best and I put my heart and all my power into learning everything I could, to be exactly the teacher and mom my child needed me to be. It came as no surprise to me when I received the same news shortly after the birth of my first son. At one point my life became so busy I wasn’t sure when night began and morning had come. I was a mom, a caretaker, a nanny, a wife and now a therapist.
Somewhere among all those hats I was able to follow and develop my passion for photography. I received my Associates Degree in Photography Science at the Art Institute in 2013. I have continued to study and develop my skills over the years in regular training courses and seminars.
I take pride in knowing that not only am I skilled in photography but I am also a pioneer in child care and development. I believe in safety first and centering my photography style on what is comfortable and natural for our newborns.
Let it be my job to capture a piece of your heart and hold it still so you can look at it forever in that moment.
Karen Morse